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              TST 48MHz Crystal Approved by World-Leading Semiconductor Company for Automotive Application
              48MHz 2.0x1.6mm Crystal with High Stability Supporting -40 to 105°C Operating Temperature, Suitable for Critical Environment.

              Taiwan – August, 2020 TST announces that TZ2365DOAO44, a 48MHz 2.0x1.6mm crystal, is approved by a world-leading semiconductor company for automotive applications. This crystal provides high stability (+/-25ppm) over operating temperature (-40 to +105°C), being one of the very few suppliers to offer timing device for Bluetooth low energy connectivity to ultra mission-critical environment.

              Features of TZ2365DOAO44
              ● Center Frequency: 48MHz
              ● Load Capacitance: 7pF
              ● Make Tolerance: ±10ppm @25°C ±3°C
              ● Frequency Stability over Temperature: +/-25ppm
              ● Resistance: 40Ω typical
              ● Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +105 °C
              ● Size: 2.0x1.6x0.4mm

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