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              TST Releases SAW Filters Designed for 5G Infrastructure
              Taiwan – October, 2020 TST releases a series of IF SAW filters that target the 5G infrastructure applications including base station, repeater and networking. These IF SAW filters, ranging from 1000MHz to 1600MHz, are designed to covers wide frequency band, catering to telecommunication spectrum design. Additionally, these market-focused IF filters provide high rejection, suitable for systems that have multiple connectivity demand

              Features of TB Series High Frequency IF SAW Filter
              ● Center Frequency: 1025MHz ~ 1600MHz
              ● Pass Band Bandwidth: 0.3MHz ~ 850MHz
              ● Insertion Loss: 6.8dB ~ 30.5dB typical
              ● Attenuation: 33dB ~ 46dB
              ● Size: 3.8x3.8mm
              ● Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +105 °C
              ● Size: 2.0x1.6x0.4mm

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